Trevor Otts
Amazing. It’s a word that we hear so often, fluttering around in the atmosphere. We throw it about so fluently—so fluidly—that when we are in the presence of an authentic example of someone who truly embodies the essence, we’re stunned.

So what is amazing, really? Amazing is a man who illuminates this world with a brilliance so extraordinary that it transforms leaders into legends. Amazing is a man who has redefined success, in business and in life. Amazing is a man who commands excellence and greatness from any and every thing in his presence. Amazing is Trevor Otts. If you’ve been blessed to have Trevor in your world, you know he holds nothing back. He comes for you with a fervor fueled by a deep desire to see you win and win abundantly. To have him believe in you, to walk beside you, means your life is so much richer, so much brighter, so much more. You will never meet a man more giving of soul and self, more generous than he. He leads with the heart to be first. And he unselfishly brings you along for the ride.

But if you really know Trevor, you know he is man that is never at a loss for words. So you can keep yours. Instead, celebrate and honor him today with your next step. May Trevor’s stature in this world do more than inspire you. May it press you—push you—and not-so-gently remind you that you too are genetically encoded to be extraordinary. May you also saunter in your greatness, rise up and claim your birthright to lead. Go be amazing.
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