Saturday, July 30th
9:00 am :: Morning Mixdown & Laughs
with DJ TeeRock and Comedic Show
10:00 am :: Daring Possibilities by FirePower™ Seminars
We dare you to DOMINATE. This unforgettable experience using target arrows, personal energy and guided facilitation is vital to help you get clear, focused and gain momentum towards the upleveled version of you.
11:30 am :: Profit Hacking: Using Stages, Live Events andPlatforms to Build Your 7-Figure  Empire (Part One) 
2:00 pm :: Munch & Money Exclusive for Super VIP ONLY
with Allyson Byrd and Special Guest, Dr. Fab Mancini
2:00 pm :: VIP Lunch on Your Own
3:00 pm :: Afternoon Mix-Down with DJ Tee Rock
3:15 pm :: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence: The Explosive Keynote Panel You Don’t Want to Miss!
4:30 pm :: Profit Hacking: Using Stages, Live Events and Platforms to Build Your 7-Figure Empire (Part Two) 
6:00 pm :: How to Build Your 6-Figure “Fast-Track to Freedom” Money-Making Machine with Noah St. John 
8:00 pm :: Closing Ceremony
11:00 pm :: Grand Finale: White Out Party at Paramour Lounger Unlimited and On-Demand

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