Nicole Roberts Jones
Nicole Roberts Jones, widely known for her Find Your FIERCE Formula is unapologetic…..
When she stepped into her purpose in 1993, the only thing predictable about her was the future she would create teaching others how to build programs and products from what they already know = their expertise. When she stepped in to Lisa Nichols’ Motivating the Masses in 2012, she increased the impact of their programs by over 175%.

Building programs and products from what’s already in you is Nicole’s genius! Trust it, it’s as authentic as her heart is open. Fast forward 4 years, and Nicole is upleveling her clients’ ability to bankroll the brilliance for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers & authors in a way that transforms lives and serves the world.

With the release of the FIERCE Factor Lab, Nicole has created a company that mirrors all that she stands for as a content strategist and coach. Truth, momentum and power is charged into each business she touches, with a long-term focus and an emphasis on expanding their income and impact by creating additional revenue streams and additional avenues to serve their clients.
Her recent work with clients not just in the United States but across the globe in places like Switzerland, Aruba and the British Virgin Islands reflects the incredible need to explode your profits with a system that Nicole uses, her FIERCE Formula, that no longer allows entrepreneurs to serve from an empty cup (your bank account).

Her clients have been featured on NBC, LifetimeTV, CNN, HLN, Fox News, and many more outlets. Nicole’s work behind the scenes saves her clients time, saves them energy & makes them money.

She doesn’t apologize for her success, her failures, her past or her profit. Why should you? Nicole shares her vulnerable, authentic and inspirational messages across the globe. To learn more about working directly with Nicole, visit her at
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