Keena BE
With years of nursing experience under my belt and educating patients on
healthy lifestyle changes, you would think that I would’ve been an expert when I
hit my own health roadblocks.

At the age of 25, I was a hardworking career woman in a brand new city and
experiencing the first signs of burnout: migraines, random panic attacks, painful
menstrual cycles.

At a health and wellness fair, I was told by a chiropractor that I had signs of
adrenal fatigue, meaning that my stress levels had exhausted my body’s

Despite this I pushed through and struggled to maintain the title of
“Superwoman”. After a routine GYN appointment, my doctor made a discovery
that changed the course of my life. An ultrasound revealed the presence of a
grapefruit-sized cyst (9.5cm) on my ovary, that was so large that it was strangling
off my ovary.

At that point, I was forced to make drastic life changes as my quality of life and
dreams of being a mother were on trial.

I became my own patient, researching and implementing a health regimen that
would allow me to regain control of my health.

I decided against the use of birth control (bad side effects for me) and surgery (a
second medical opinion advised otherwise) and spent 6 months treating my
condition with diet and lifestyle changes. I went meatless during the week, went
on an organic diet, started juicing, changed my job, and started yoga and aerobic
exercise. I prayed and researched in hopes that the changes that I advised to
others would actually work for me.

It was time for my 3 month checkup and ultrasound. The grapefruit-sized
cyst shrank to 2cm from 9.5cm. This was my confirmation that I was on the right

At the 6 month ultrasound, the cyst was gone! Additionally, my other stress related
symptoms either diminished or disappeared completely.

As a nurse, my major dilemma came the moment my patients were discharged
from the hospital. I always wished that I could track them and hold their hand
through the medical process.

Experiencing my own health challenges has given me both the patient and
practitioner’s perspective.

When I took control of my health, I was the empowered patient that could talk to
my doctor and truly collaborate on my health decisions.

My experience transformed my life and my approach to health and wellness.
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