Rick Martinez
As a veteran, registered nurse, writer and successful entrepreneur, Rick Martinez has a wealth of experience and incredible passion for impacting lives. Starting with his own life, Rick is the type of person who settles for nothing less than outstanding and is of the firm belief that everyone else should strive for the same.

His story begins in the US Army, where Rick served from 1988-1990. Upon leaving the Army, Rick earned a BSN degree and became a registered nurse (RN). After several years in nursing, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he founded his first business in 2001.

A staffing service, MedTrust would go on to become one of the US Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Top 100 companies. Rick’s early business success prompted the San Antonio Business Journal to name him one of the city’s “40 Under 40.” Rick would go on to receive the prestigious Jefferson Award for public service for his role on the cutting edge in adaptive athletics at his CrossFit gyms.

Today, Rick helps home based business owners create their dream life through entrepreneurship. http://therickmartinez.com/
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