Nicole S. Cooper
Known as the Motivational and Inspirational Voice of Entrepreneurs, Nicole is known as the Queen of Clarity when it comes to helping hungry, driven, motivated individuals identify their path to greatness! As an Online Business Developer & Transformational Marketing Coach, she helps Entrepreneurs, Solo-Preneurs and Home Business Owners discover better ways to leverage the internet to launch, grow and scale their businesses online.

Nicole’s goal is to assist fellow entrepreneurs with expanding their brand and business online by leveraging various marketing and monetization strategies. She is a walking, living, breathing live “case study” that tests various marketing, sales and business growth strategies so that she can share them with you to show what’s working and what’s not working, allowing you to focus on the best strategies to building your business online. She's honest, raw and very transparent, so if you’re looking for someone to give you honest insight about building a business online, then welcome aboard!
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