Connie Phelan
Connie is a Program Facilitator, Breakthrough Coach and has a passion for boldly challenging and helping people and groups achieve positive, lasting change.

She played softball at a national level, which shaped her life-long love of sports, and appreciation for cohesive team building and strong leadership. As a printing company owner, Connie partnered with many industry leaders and honed her skills in providing exceptional customer service. Connie’s next career move was to join an advertising agency, where she thrived in the fast-paced environment and delivered successful results for Fortune 500 companies.

However, her life-changing experience firewalking prompted her to become a certified firewalk instructor. Subsequently, she founded Fire Power Seminars in 2006 to help people gain awareness of self-limiting beliefs and patterns, and, ultimately, generate successful, long-term changes. Read more about Connie at
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