Alexis E. Logan
Alexis is an Intuitive Business Consultant who uses her intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts to connect you with your soul’s record, the core essence of you, and channel the answers you seek. This is a huge opportunity for clarity, healing, and fast results.

Your soul can tell you the most aligned business model, marketing plan, pricing structure, food to eat, how to lose weight, what needs to shift for you to heal beliefs and mindsets keeping you from moving forward and so much more. Basically, if you have a question, your soul has the answer.

I’ve channeled people’s soul records for them for over 4 years and helped clients put masterful strategies together that are simple, but the ROI is very high. Just so you know I’m not a business coach. My work complements the work you do with your business coach.

People come to me when they have to get deeply connected, understand what they’re simply not “getting,” and need to know to turn their business and life around lightening fast. I help them get clarity, insight, and understanding to take aligned action towards their goals that keeps them motivated and focused not overwhelmed and drained.
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